Zonal Employee Discount Agreement

Learning the rules and policies of your own airline can take some time, so it`s no wonder ZED travel is intimidating. Don`t let that stop you from trying! If you need extra help, the airline`s ticket office is a wonderful resource. Just be sure to announce that you are an employee of an airline who wants to register a ZED fare so they know exactly what you need! Your airline should have a section on the employee page that clearly states which airlines can be booked on your ZED portal. Zonal Employee Discount (ZED) is a multilateral agreement for discounted personal travel by airline employees and other travelers. Airlines may bilaterally agree to apply one of three fare levels (low, medium, high), available space/underbilling and/or a positive seat/fixed booking status, as well as eligibility to travel in economy and/or business class cabins. Have you ever flown with a ZED fare? Let us know what tips and tricks you have for other airline employees who want to take their first ZED flight! In January 2021, ZED MIBA registered a total of 222 member companies (with 37 additional sub-partners) in its network. Virtually all major and medium-sized airlines around the world are bound by some kind of ZED agreement. MyIDTravel is one of the most popular tools that airlines use for their ZED deals. Many airlines still use this portal to allow their employees to purchase ZED tickets. This is the service my airline uses to support holiday travel with other airlines. ZED is half of a larger organization known as ZED/MIBA Forum. The forum consists of more than 175 member airlines from all regions of the world participating in the ZED and/or MIBA (Multilateral Interline Business Agreement) programs.

The ZED and MIBA conditions may be applied to travel with and from other airlines, as bilaterally agreed, or by the airline`s own employees travelling on their own flights. ID90Travel, a service that offers interline discounts to airline employees, recently added a ZED flight list tool to its own app. A smaller number of airlines currently have agreements with this app, but it has a nicer interface (and more accurate flight load data) than myIDTravel. ZED ticket fares are divided into three fare compartments (low, medium and high) to determine the extent of the discount. Depending on the agreements made by your airline, these ZED tickets can be emergency seats or positive space seats. For most employees of US-based airlines, you can assume that your ZED tickets are only NRSA. One of the advantages of working for an airline is that employees can fly with their airline for free. But what if you want to travel to a destination that your airline doesn`t serve? This is where Employee Zonal Discount Rates (SEZs) come into play. Freedom and flexibility! For example, most airline employees would praise ZED Travel. We can travel the world at significantly reduced prices. In addition, we can change our plans at any time, because ZED tickets are as flexible as possible: they are valid for months and can be cancelled free of charge.

It depends on the agreements your airline has signed with other airlines, so it will vary for many people. That said, we`ve heard a lot of stories of Nonrevs being upgraded by the crew after boarding! Because every airline has unique ticketing and registration policies, it`s important to look for the latest information about www.flyzed.info/ whenever you want to travel. In addition to the FlyZED website (which is updated by individual airlines), your own employee portal may also have airline-specific policies. Simply put, an airline employee (and sometimes their guests) can buy discounted tickets from another airline as long as both airlines have a ZED agreement. Since its inception, the organization has had about 180 airlines from around the world, as well as more than 70 affiliated airlines. The member airlines of the ZED/MIBA Forum represent more than 90 countries and 6 continents. The management of the ZED programme was merged with the MIBA programme in 2001. These programmes are subject to three separate agreements: the ZED/MIBA Forum Agreement, the ZED Agreement and the MIBA Agreement. ZED, short for Zonal Employee Discount, is a series of agreements between hundreds of partner airlines that allow their employees to book discounted airline tickets for each other`s planes. Under the ZED Multilateral Interline Business Agreement (MIBA) Forum, more than 175 global airlines offer discounted fares under a multilateral agreement.

Participating airlines may offer low, medium or high fares based on available or positive seats. You can also offer ZED travel in economy or premium class. Below are the rules for the world`s top 10 airlines via the FLYZED website. Each airline has a different process for employees who wish to book ZED fares. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. Depending on your airline`s agreements with other airlines, there may be many other airlines for which you can buy ZED tickets. Please check with your airline to see what arrangements they have made. * operates regular passenger services available for the use of ZED/MIBA; is able to accept discounted tickets from the industry in accordance with the terms of the agreement and the ZED agreements and/or MIBA * is able to issue and / or authorize another member of the ZED / MIBA forum to issue on its behalf discounted identification tickets of the industry in accordance with the agreements * can communicate via an official (professional) email address * publishes its services of regular passenger transport and Availability in major GDS, e.B. Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan, Gabriel, Galileo ZED stands for Zonal Employee Discount.

It is a multilateral agreement concluded in 1994 by Aer Lingus, Air Canada, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Malév Hungarian Airlines and SAS. Today, more than 170 airlines participate in this agreement. Employees of these airlines can fly with participating airlines at discounted prices. Compared to ID90, these rates are often higher. The Atlanta-based airline requires employees and authorized travelers to register and purchase a ticket through myIDTravel and must check in at a Delta agent or kiosk. In practice, most ZED travelers are really worried about the bold “Y” fare. Y is the industry standard for economy/long distance bus class tickets. Since most ZED agreements include economy class seat reservations as standard, the number of seats available in Y should give you an idea of whether there are open seats. For example: Frontier Airlines has a very unique set of agreements established in relation to airlines like Southwest or American. A Frontier employee has very different ZED options in their portal compared to the airlines available to a Southwest employee. The ZED agreement negotiated between your airline and the airline you wish to carry determines the price you pay for your ticket.

ZED prices are divided into three tariff levels: low, medium and high. The ZED low fare is your cheapest option and is often reserved for alliance/strategic airline partners. It`s important to remember that joining an airline is just the first step. As an employee (or not-Rev Passrider), you will also need to confirm whether your airline has a bilateral agreement with another airline you wish to fly with. ZED was founded in 1994 by seven airlines :* Aer Lingus* Air Canada* Austrian Airlines* British Airways* Lufthansa* Malev Hungarian* SAS/Scandinavian ID90Travel uses a different approach with its application-based interface. Instead of giving you an overview of the number of seats available per fare class, their app offers a popular selection of seats available in economy class. Check your airline`s ZED travel policy to find out which website(s) are available to you. ZED travel is an amazing way to expand your capabilities without speed. Whether you want to travel to an international destination that is not part of your airline`s network or you simply need an alternative route because your own flight is full, ZED Travel offers a lot of flexibility outside of the plans.

United States – a republic in the Northwest Hemisphere that includes 48 contiguous states, the District of Columbia and Alaska in North America and Hawaii in the North Pacific. 267,954,767; United States simultaneous, 3,022,387 square feet mi. (7,827,982 km²); with…. Universalium In my experience, ticketing is only the first step. An online (or personal) check-in process may be required to create your actual flight list. Here are some examples from my ZED travel adventures: Which ZED airlines offer business or first class deals? Experienced non-Rev travelers may know that there is an open proposal to update the ZED ticket compartments with 2 new “Super” fare classes: Do you have any questions about StaffTraveler? We are happy to help you! Check out our help pages. There are two main reasons why a non-pastor may choose to book a ZED ticket with another airline: Now that you know what ZED fares are, it`s important to understand why you need to use this type of ticket when traveling. After taking the ZED fare bucket, the airline`s base fare and any taxes/fees (such as levied by governments or airports) will determine the price of your ticket. .